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Man who raped a woman and shot her husband steals two guns at gun trade show

By Mason White 11:37 AM May 4, 2016
Anthony H. Lett 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested after he raped a woman and shot her husband.

After police in Ohio, obtained an arrest warrant for the man over the rape and gun charges, they learned that he is also accused of stealing two guns at a trade show.

Anthony H. Lett, 39, of East 127th, was brought before the Berea Municipal Court. Judge Mark A. Comstock set his bond at $500,000.

Lett was charged with rape and aggravated robbery for an incident in which a woman was raped and her husband was shot.

Lett was arrested after a gun dealer at a gunshow at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, called police to report the theft of two guns.

Police said that Lett distracted the gun owner so that his accomplice can steal two pistols.