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Professor arrested after telling students she found abandoned puppy duct taped in pillowcase

By Mason White 11:34 AM May 4, 2016
Hope Sanchez 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A professor was arrested after she brought a puppy to school and told the students that she found it.

Professor Hope Sanchez, who is a clinical psychologist, told her students at a community college in Illinois, that she found the animal, which was abused and abandoned.

Sanchez, 38, told the students that she found the puppy inside a pillowcase that was closed with duct tape at the side of the road while riding to school on her bike.

The students called an animal shelter and they took custody of the puppy.

Woodstock Police began investigating after they were notified by students about Dr. Sanchez.

After learning about the rescued puppy, a couple called the police and told them that the puppy belonged to them and was part of a litter of dogs.

Woodstock Police Chief Bob Lowen said that the couple had the dog before giving it to Sanchez as a gift because she was their son’s therapist.

Police learned that Sanchez made up the story after she no longer wanted the puppy.

Sanchez was arrested and charged with felony disorderly conduct for causing the filing of a false police report. Her bond was set at $10,000.