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Woman ordered to lose weight or lose job because she does not fit behind the checkout counter

By Mason White 4:21 PM May 5, 2016
Marcia Gurvitz 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman of the United Kingdom, said she was humiliated when she was ordered to lose weight or lose her job.

The woman was training for a job at Morrisons supermarket when she was told that she will lose her job if she was too fat to fit behind the checkout counter.

Marcia Gurvitz of London, said that she also had to order her own uniforms on eBay, since the company did not have one that was large enough for her.

The store did however, reimburse her for the uniformes. Gurvitz said that staff workers ordered her to go behind the checkout counter to see if she fit because of her excessive weight.

Gurvitz asked: “If I don’t will I lose my job?” They said “yes.”

Gurvitz, 54, said she felt “like a pregnant duck” and a victim of discrimination. She eventually quit the job because of the experience.

Marcia also claims that the company failed to accommodate her for her diabetes in her shift and they cut her hours when she complained about other issues.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said that they launched an investigation into the treatment of Marcia, who refused to reveal her weight.