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Nursing home leaves wheelchair bound man in hot sun for hours causing him to die of heart attack

By Mason White 1:51 PM May 5, 2016
Summer sun (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a nursing home patient was left out on the hot sun for hours, until he suffered a heart attack and died, police in Florida said.

Pinellas Park identified the victim as 65-year-old Wilbert Henry Moten.

He died on Saturday, after being left in his wheelchair outside the GraceWood Rehabilitation and Nursing Care facility as the temperature rose above 90 degrees.

Doctors said that Moten suffered second-degree burns, blistering and symptoms of dehydration before suffering heart failure.

Moten had no relatives and was under the guardianship of a government worker. The government worker, Fernando Gutierrez, slammed the nursing home for not notifying him about Moten’s death.

Gutierrez said that he was notified about Moten’s death by the hospital.

Gutierrez is pulling out 10 other patients from the GraceWood Rehabilitation and Nursing Care facility and is finding new homes for them.