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Woman ordered to pay former boyfriend $280,000 after dumping him from home he rebuilt

By Mason White 4:26 PM May 5, 2016
Gareth Powell and Chloe Thomas 

By: Feng Qian
A woman of the United Kingdom, is angry after she was ordered to pay her former boyfriend for work he did at her home.

Gareth Powell, 31, who works as a home builder, bought a home together with his girlfriend, Chloe Thomas, 28, who works as an advertising executive.

The couple bought the rundown home for £315,000 ($456,323) in Wandsworth, London. Powell agreed to refurbish the house so they can sell it for a profit.

Powell borrowed £14,000 ($20,281) from his parents for materials and he renovated the property. The house is now worth £445,000.

The court heard that Thomas’s mother Heather asked Powell to sign a contract, entitling him to a third of the apartment if the couple broke up.

However, when they did separate, Thomas refused to comply with the agreement, saying that she did not know about the contract he signed with her mother. Furthermore, she claimed that the house was on her name, making her the sole owner.

Judge Heather Baucher rejected the idea that Thomas did not know about the contract Powell signed with his mother.

Baucher granted Powell a third of the profits or £50,000 ($72,432) and ordered Thomas to pay £200,000 ($289,728) in legal fees.