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Women breastfeed deer together with their children because they are like family

By Mason White 4:13 AM May 6, 2016
Mother breastfeeding deer and child 

By: Wayne Morin
A group of women in India, revealed that they regularly breastfeed deer along with their children because the animals are like family.

The group of women live in Rajasthan, and belong to the Bishnoi tribe.

They were taught that they must protect animals and nature.

The people of the Bishnoi community, a religious group that worships nature, live alongside forests and deserted areas, and often grow up playing with all kinds of animals.

21-year-old Roshini Bishnoi said that she has grown up with these small deer all her life. They are like her brothers or sisters.

She feels like it is her responsibility to keep them healthy and help them grow. 24-year-old Jeevan Ram Bishnoi added that they do not see the deer as animals rather they feel very much like family.

Jeevan Ram Bishnoi revealed that her parents never differentiated between a deer and their baby. The Bishnoi community consists of about 2,000 homes.

They religiously obey 29 rules suggested by their Guru. One is the protection and love for animals and nature.

Recently, several women of the tribe allowed photographers to take pictures of them breastfeeding deer along with their children.