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Man pleasures himself outside woman’s window while sticking out his tongue to her

By Mason White 2:35 PM May 6, 2016
Tavoris A. Grant 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of voyeurism after allegedly standing outside a woman’s window and pleasuring himself to her, police in Florida said.

Orange County police arrested 23-year-old Tavoris A. Grant, after being accused of sticking out his tongue to the woman and pleasuring himself at her window.

Grant has been charged with voyeurism, exposure of a sexual organ and attempted burglary of an occupied dwelling.

According to the police investigation, Grant tried to enter her apartment before pleasuring himself in front of her window on Tuesday night.

The victim told investigators that she found Grant trying to remove the screen from her window and told him to leave, but he refused.

Grant told her he wanted her several times, exposing his genitals and was sticking his tongue out to her. When he finished pleasuring himself, he just walked away.

Two days later, Grant was chased into an apartment unit after people caught him peeking into another apartment.

The three occupants of the apartment were arrested and taken for a lineup, and the victim was able to point to Grant as the culprit.