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Man stabs roommate to death for stealing his toothbrush

By Mason White 2:49 PM May 6, 2016
Toothbrushes (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man who became extremely angry with his roommate for stealing his toothbrush, decided to kill him, police in Ghana said.

Accra police arrested 26-year-old Marvelous Okere, after being accused of killing 27-year-old Sunday Orga, during a fight over his missing toothbrush.

Okere was charged with one count of murder. He was booked into jail, and was denied bail. According to the police investigation, Okere and Orga lived in the same home on Beach Drive Road for several years.

On Saturday, a fight broke out between the two roommates after Okere’s toothbrush went missing. Okere accused his roommate of stealing his toothbrush.

Orga got angry and slapped his roommate in the face, In response, Okere grabbed a piece of glass and stabbed Orga.

Orga was rushed to the LEKMA Hospital, where he died due to blood loss.