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College student mistakes catering truck for her car and drives off causing things to fly all over

By Mason White 11:30 AM May 6, 2016
Monique Vanderhulst 

By: Chan Yuan
A college student was so drunk that she got into a truck and told police she thought she was in her own vehicle and didn’t realize it was a truck.

The teenager of Ohio, got into the catering truck that had been left running while the owner was inside a nearby building making a delivery.

When he came outside, his truck was gone. He called police to report the truck stolen.

Officers soon pulled over 19-year-old Monique Vanderhulst, who is a student at the Bowling Green State University.

Police said that Vanderhulst went on a wild ride before finally being stopped. She is accused of hitting at least one vehicle, running over a curb and driving erratically, causing the contents of the truck to fly all over the place.

Deputy police chief of Bowling Green, Maj. Justin White, said that Vanderhulst showed signs of “heavy alcohol consumption.”

Vanderhulst, who allegedly admitted that she had been drinking alcohol, was carrying a fake Illinois identification card, stating that she was 21 years old.

The suspect told officers that she thought the vehicle was her own car and she did not realize it was a truck.

Vanderhulst was taken to the Wood County Jail after she refused to take a breathalyzer test.

She was charged with receiving stolen property, drunk driving, giving false information to the police and alcohol consumption by minors.