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6-year-old boy is snatched and dragged away by leopard

By Mason White 9:17 AM May 8, 2016
Kellan Denny 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A young boy was left traumatized after a leopard snached him while he was playing with his brother.

The six-year-old boy was playing with his 8-year-old brother at a park when he was snatched by the leopard in front of his horrified parents at a game reserve in South Africa.

The family of Johannesburg, was camping at the N’tsiri Private Nature Reserve when the wild animal attacked Kellan Denny.

Kellan’s father Justin, who was eating lunch with the child’s mother nearby, chased the leopard. The startled animal then ran away with the child in its jaw.

The leopard carried the boy about 100 feet before dropping him.

A doctor at the game reserve checked the child’s injuries before being transported to the hospital for stitches.

Justin said that the incident has traumatized the family, but luckily, their son is recovering well and is expected to return to school this week.

A manager for the 6,100-acre game reserve said that staff members were unable to identify the leopard that attacked the boy.

They believe that it was a male leopard based on the bite marks on the child’s back. The director said that there has never been a similar attack in the 40 years since the site has been opened.