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Mother dies shortly after winning custody of 13-year-old son’s ashes

By Mason White 4:25 PM May 8, 2016
Kerrie and Kye Backhouse 

By: Tanya Malhotra
It was a very emotional day for a family of the United Kingdom, who buried a mother and son at the same time.

Kerrie Backhouse of Barrow, was heartbroken when her son was killed by his drug addicted father.

Due to a loophole in the law, Backhouse was unable to get the ashes of her son from the funeral home without permission from the killer.

However, Kevin Morton, 50, refused to release the body so that 13-year-old Kye can have a decent burial.

Backhouse spent a year fighting her son’s father in court after he killed the boy with a dose of morphine.

Backhouse took the fight to the High Court, where she won custody of her son’s ashes. Sadly, she died in her sleep before she was able to bury her son.

Her grieving parents, Michael, 66, and Christine, 65, and son Liam, 25, were joined by friends and family to bury the mother side by side in the space Backhouse earmarked for her son.

Before her death, Backhouse started a campaign called Kye’s Law, urging the government to strip parents who kill their children, of rights to their remains.

Morton was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter after the Preston Crown Court heard that he gave Kye morphine after the child complained of a headache.