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Student launches GoFundMe campaign after blowing all her college money at nightclubs

By Mason White 4:26 AM May 9, 2016
Emma McCormick 

By: Chan Yuan
People in the United Kingdom, are angry after a student launched a GoFundMe campaign, asking the public to fund her tuition because she blew all her college funds at nightclubs.

18-year-old Emma McCormick, who attends the University of Newcastle, took inspiration from Kanye West, and turned to fundraising to help her get out of debt.

So far, she raised nearly $1,000.

McCormick, who came from Ireland to study in Newcastle,
said that the cost of spending time at nightclubs quickly added up and drained her entire bank account.

She also has been experiencing life near Newcastle, having been in almost all coffee shops, heading to the movies, ice skating, going to the beach, and random days away.

She also bought a new bike.

“After embarking on a voyage to the mainland, I’ve faced the hardships that every student has. The costs of nightclub entry and trebles do add up, while the overdraft hits sky rocket figures. If Kanye West can receive donations I hope I can too,” McCormick wrote on her page.

The negative comments quickly rolled in. Martin Forster said that she should be thrown out of university.

Lisa Meehan wrote: “I strongly doubt any campaign to fund stupidity will get much traction. Grow up, get a proper job and learn how to act at least a bit like an adult.

“I’d hate to be your parents right now after the complete joke you’ve made of yourself internationally. I’d disown my kids if they did crap like you.”