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42-year-old man has sex with his 15-year-old sister-in-law who lives in his house

By Mason White 4:32 PM May 9, 2016
Elmer Solorzano-Rios  

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man of Georgia, was arrested for having sex with his underage sister-in-law on numerous occasions.

The 42-year-old married man was arrested in Augusta, on a charge of child molestation for allegedly having sex with his wife’s 15-year-old sister, police said.

Elmer Solorzano-Rios was charged with aggravated child abuse of minors. According to the sheriff’s report, investigators were called to Glenn Hills Middle School on Wednesday.

There, a guidance counselor told officers that three students came to her office and informed her that their friend was having a sexual relationship with her brother-in-law.

Detective learned that the 15-year-old girl lives in the house with her sister and her sister’s husband.

In fact, the sister is the legal guardian of the adolescent. The Department of Family and Children Services were notified of the situation.