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Bride invites poor children to wedding party after hers was canceled for refusing to sign prenup

By Mason White 9:18 AM May 9, 2016
Yiru Sun with the kids at her party 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A bride decided to turn her heartbreak into something special.

Yiru Sun of New York, who is the vice president of New York Life Insurance, was supposed to get married in a lavish wedding at the Harold Pratt House at East 68th Street and Park Avenue.

However, the wedding plans were canceled when she refused to sign a prenup. “I don’t want to sign things I don’t feel comfortable with,” she said.

Sun decided to turn her wedding party into something special for poor children.

With the help of the Salvation Army and Inwood House, she used her non-refundable $8,000 reception deposit for a party for 60 needy kids and their families.

The children received food, balloons and ice pops, and had their faces painted at the party while taking photos with Sun, who was wearing her wedding gown.

Sun, who is a single mother to a 6-year-old girl, told her guests that she grew up poor in China, but studied hard in the United States after winning a full scholarship for a graduate degree at Princeton University.