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KFC selling edible nail polish that tastes like its chicken

By Mason White 4:13 AM May 10, 2016
KFC edible nail polish 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Women and girls who love KFC chicken, can now purchase edible nail polish that tastes like the company’s signature product.

The fast food chain behind the slogan Finger Lickin Good, is now selling Original Recipe and Hot and Spicy edible nail polish in Hong Kong.

Marketing company Ogilvy & Mather worked with McCormick & Co. to provide 11 herbs and spices to KFC. The nail polish was released on Tuesday, and the company posted a Facebook a message on which people can comment on their favorite flavor.

KFC said that they produced 500 bottles. “Which flavor do you choose? Click ‘Like’ for Original Recipe or ‘Love’ for Hot & Spicy! #kfcnailpolish #kfchk,” the company wrote on Facebook.

Since the bottles of polish have no artificial preservatives, it cannot be kept for months like regular nail polish. KFC is preparing to launch the edible nail polish in the United States, a spokesperson for the company said.