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Parents upload photo showing their 3-year-old little junkie snorting cocaine

By Mason White 4:07 AM May 10, 2016
Mladen Nuri 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in Bulgaria, launched an investigation after the parents of a little boy uploaded a photo on Facebook, showing him snorting cocaine.

Sindel police said that the parents of the 3-year-old boy uploaded the photo on Facebook, and wrote that he is their little junkie.

After the image went viral on the Internet, social media users urged the police to take away the children.

The photo shows the child identified as Mladen, posing with what appears to be three lines of white powder and a white tube held up to his nose while looking straight into the camera.

The image has been uploaded on the social profile of Tina Vi Nuri, and was accompanied by the caption “Mom and Dad’s little junkie.”

In response to the protests, Nadezhda Nuri, the child’s mother, said that the photo was just a joke, and it was taken and uploaded by her 13-year-old daughter Stiliana.

The mother also claimed that the white substance was sugar and not cocaine.

Police confirmed that they launched an investigation into the incident, and child services have also been notified as the child appeared to know how to snort cocaine.