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Woman gets paid to eat 23 different flavors of ice cream a day

By Mason White 5:40 PM May 9, 2016
Louise Bamber 

By: Feng Qian
A woman revealed that she is getting paid to taste more than 20 different flavors of ice cream every day to make sure they meet the standards of Asda in the United Kingdom.

39-year-old Louise Bamber of Leeds, said that she comes from a family of ice cream lovers, and she is perfect for the job as an ice cream tester.

Bamber gets paid to be the product development manager at Asda.

She tastes an average of 23 different flavors of ice cream each day, which works out to 460 tablespoons of the sweet cold treat each month.

She also visits 10 ice cream factories a month to do onsite testing. Bamber is responsible for ensuring that each carton of ice cream at Asda meets its quality standards.

Her grandparents were born in Italy, and they moved to the country to open an ice cream shop.

Bamber’s first job was helping serve customers in her grandparents’ store so she has a lot of experience with ice cream.