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Man kills his roommate for refusing to have sex twice because she had to go to work

By Mason White 5:19 PM May 10, 2016
Gary Stevenson and Katy Rourke 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was jailed for killing his roommate over her refusal to have sex because she had to go to work.

27-year-old Gary Stevenson stabbed 25-year-old Katy Rourke in the heart just two weeks after she moved into the apartment in Glasgow, Scotland.

The two shared an apartment, which she reportedly found through Gumtree, around the time of the incident.

Stevenson told the court that he was a pressure cooker waiting to explode as many areas of his personal life were going downhill.

He admitted that Rourke was innocent, and that he became mad and things got out of control.

Stevenson said that he and the victim had sex, but when he wanted to have sex a second time, Rourke refused because she had to go to work.

Stevenson said that he snapped and “totally lost control” before repeatedly punching Rourke. He then got a kitchen knife and stabbed her three times.

Stevenson pleaded guilty to murder at the High Court in Edinburgh. Judge Lady Rae sentenced him to up to life in prison.