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Mother kills her two young children so her boyfriend should not be able to have them

By Mason White 5:31 PM May 10, 2016
Samira Lupidi with her children 

By: Wayne Morin
An evil mother of the United Kingdom, killed her children because she was afraid that her boyfriend will take them away from her.

The court heard that 24-year-old Samira Lupidi, called police to report that her boyfriend hit her.

Lupidi was taken to a shelter with her two daughters after telling police that the girls’ father, Carl Weaver, 31, slapped her twice the night before and she was scared that he was going to kill her so he can take away their daughters from her.

During the night at the shelter, Lupidi killed her 17-month-old daughter Jasmine Weaver and three-year-old daughter Evelyn Lupidi.

Samira Lupidi sobbed in court when the jury was told that her children died after being stabbed by their mother while they were in bed. Each of the girls had 9 stab wounds.

Carl Weaver was devastated over the loss of his daughters. Samira Lupidi allegedly said: “If I can’t have them he can’t have them either.”

On Facebook, people vented their frustration over the mother’s cowardly acts. Abdessamad Elbaz said: “You should have stabbed him. You are an evil person for killing your own beautiful daughters. Look at them.”