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13-year-old girl sentenced to 10 lashes for reporting that she was raped by her father

By Mason White 2:05 PM May 11, 2016
Muslim women (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A young teen was punished after complaining that her father repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

The girl of India, was brought in front six village elders of the community.

During the discussion, which was recorded on a cellphone, one man waved his finger with rage at the 13-year-old child and said: “this girl needs to be punished.”

The girl was taken outside, where her hands were tied. A man lifted a stick in the air as the girl lowered her head. The girl received 10 lashes as she cried out in pain.

The girl never went to school and instead, she was forced to do chores in her house and she performed in her father’s acrobatic show, for which she received 20 rupees (30 cents).

When the long suffering girl finally took the courage to tell someone about the abuse, she was punished.

Although the supreme court ruled that it should be illegal for village elders to carry out punishment against people, it is still a common practice.