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Women in burqas seen beating each other in road rage incident

By Mason White 9:56 AM May 11, 2016
The women fighting 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two women were caught on video beating each other in a road rage incident.

However, the video did not show the faces of the women as they were covered in niqabs.

The two Muslim women were seen fighting on a busy highway in Saudi Arabia. The shocking video was recorded from inside a another car.

The video shows the women getting out of their cars and beating each other. The fight escalated and the women were seen clobbering each other over the head.

A passing car beeped the horn in order to get the women to stop, but they ignored it and continued hitting each other.
One woman was seen pushing the other to the sidewalk and then got on top of her while beating her.

The person who uploaded the video to the Internet wrote: “My guess is one woman cut off the other woman in her car on the road and good old road rage followed.”