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Drug smugglers hide cocaine inside frozen fish

By Mason White 6:02 PM May 11, 2016
Cocaine in frozen fish 

By: Feng Qian
Two men were arrested on a charge of drug trafficking after border patrol agents found cocaine inside frozen fish, According to police in New York.

Homeland Security agents arrested 32-year-old Triston Daniels and 33-year-old Troy Gonsalves, both of Brooklyn, after border patrol agents found the cocaine inside the frozen fish that was shipped from Suriname to the Miami International Airport in Florida.

They were both charged with drug trafficking, and their bail was set at $150,000 each. Earlier this month, Customs and Border Protection officers seized the frozen fish as it entered the country.

When the fish was sliced open, the officers found 30 pounds of cocaine wrapped in plastic. The drugs were estimated to be worth $600,000.

Officers decided to release the shipment and followed it to the destination. Daniels and Gonsalves came to pick up the shipment with a white van.

They then loaded the fish into a warehouse in Brooklyn, where they were arrested. Gonsalves admitted that Daniels told him that the shipment contained drugs.