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Man arrested after being polite and holding door for police officer

By Mason White 2:13 PM May 11, 2016
Kayvon Mavaddat 

By: Chan Yuan
A man’s good deed backfired and it cost him his freedom.

The man of Massachusetts, politely held a door open for a police officer, but this act landed him in jail.

28-year-old Kayvon Mavaddat was at the Natick Mall in Framingham, when he held the door open to allow an officer exit before him.

While thanking Mavaddat, the officer realized that he looked familiar, Lt. Cara Rossi-Cafarelli said.

The officer checked the computer in his patrol car and found that Mavaddat had been in trouble with law before.

The officer found that there were three arrest warrants against Mavaddat, for heroin possession, theft and driving with a suspended license.

The officer returned to the mall and arrested Mavaddat.

Mavaddat is being held without bail because at his arraignment, his probation officer told the judge that he often skipped court dates, mandatory drug tests and he does not pay probation fees.

A lawyer for Mavaddat, asked the judge to free the 28-year-old man because he now has a job. The judge denied the request and ordered Mavaddat be held until a probation hearing.

After being refused bail, Mavaddat was heard yelling from the holding area in court.