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Doctors baffled as brothers are healthy during the day but become paralyzed every night

By Mason White 6:13 PM May 12, 2016
Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Doctors are trying figure out what causes two brothers to become paralyzed every night.

During the day, 9-year-old Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed, 13, both of Pakistan, are like all the other children. They laugh and play together.

However, as soon as the sun sets, they collapse into a vegetative state. They are completely paralyzed and unable to speak.

The children were nicknamed “the solar kids” as their parents believe that they get their energy from the sun.

The case has baffled doctors who have no idea what is causing the symptoms.

The children’s father Mohammad Hashim, married his cousin. They had six children, but two of the kids died at an early age.

Hashim said that his two other children have no medical conditions and are perfectly healthy.

Dr. Javed Akram, a professor at The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, agreed to treat the children.

Doctors are doing medical tests to determine why these children remain active during the day, but cannot open their eyes and cannot speak or eat when the sun sets.

Dr. Akram said that the government is paying for the medical care of the brothers who come from a poor family.

The treatments include sending blood samples to specialists abroad for further examination, Akram said. Researchers are also collecting samples of soil from the village where the family lives for testing.