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Man shoots sister’s friends after they staged a fight to post it to social media

By Mason White 5:39 PM May 12, 2016
Rahmel Ashby 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A group of girls were shot while playfully fighting each other.

Rahmel Ashby, 17, of Brooklyn, New York, had a promising career as a football star before he was arrested.

Ashby is accused of shooting into a crowd of girls who were fighting with his sister.

Ashby is being charged as an adult and he is facing 25 years in prison for attempted murder after he reportedly fired shots into a crowd , injuring three people.

The fight was between Ashby’s sister, Nyesha, and other girls. The fight consisted of three rounds of punching, hair pulling and biting.

Ashby, who plays for the Grand Street Campus High School, reportedly intervened when his sister was outnumbered.

The court heard how the girls had been arguing on Facebook about who won a fight that had been recorded earlier in the day. When there was not a clear winner, they decided to meet for a second fight.

They agreed to have a rematch, and met on Waverly Avenue in Fort Greene. Ashby witnessed the match.

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Bernarda Villalona said that multiple people were beating up the defendant’s sister.

However, the defendant didn’t try to break it up, instead, he pulled out a gun and fired eight shots.