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Nurses at hospital find hot-looking teenage mom breastfeeding to be very sexual

By Mason White 5:42 PM May 12, 2016
Darcie Pennington 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenager of the United Kingdom, said that nurses at a hospital found her nursing her baby to be way too sexual.

The teen mom was visiting her grandmother at a hospital when her baby wanted to eat.

18-year-old Darcie Pennington whipped out her breasts to feed her son Vincent. However, nurses at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, found her act to be way too sexual.

They ordered the young mother to go into a private room, and they “slammed the curtain shut,” Pennington said.

Pennington said that she asked nurses if she would be treated the same way if she had been bottle feeding her son, and she was told “bottle feeding isn’t sexual.”

Pennington said that she complained to the nurses, and she said that the hospital ward was specifically for people with eye problems so she did not see why she cannot be exposed while breastfeeding her son.

A nurse responded by saying, “protecting your dignity.”

Hospital officials apologize to the young mother and said that they support breastfeeding. However, they provide mothers with private spaces for this purpose.

Pennington said that in the three months since her baby was born, she never had an issue with breastfeeding. She received kind words and compliments in shops, restaurants and cafes, where men were also present.

Margaret Chappell said on Twitter: “of course it’s natural. So is urinating, defecation and intercourse, but you don’t do it in public.” Her comment got 162 likes in a few hours.