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Baker and butcher team up to make luxury donuts with bone marrow

By Mason White 9:59 AM May 15, 2016
The donuts  

By: Mahesh Sarin
People can now satisfy their sweet tooth with a unique donut.

A baker and a butcher of New York, got together to create a chocolate flavored donut that is filled with bone marrow.

The donuts are made in collaboration between The Doughnut Project, which is located at 10 Morton Street in Manhattan, and a nearby butcher shop called Hudson & Charles.

The donuts are sold for about $5.00 each. The donuts are covered in a clementine glaze and orange-infused chocolate flakes.

While the donut appears ordinary from the outside, the filling is quite the opposite. The donut is filled with a rich chocolate cream cake that is made with roasted bone marrow.

Although it may seem like an unusual ingredient to use, the bone marrow gives the filling an ultra-smooth texture.