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Bullies call on suicidal woman to hurry up and jump to her death at mall

By Mason White 5:55 PM May 15, 2016
The suicidal woman 

By: Feng Qian
Rescue workers struggled to save a woman who wanted to jump to her death.

However, some people made their job even harder as they called on the suicidal woman to hurry up and jump for their own entertainment.

The distraught woman of China, climbed a ledge outside a shopping mall in Jinan, and threatened to jump.

When she could not fulfill her threats, viewers shouted for her to “hurry up and get over with it.”

The woman sat on the third floor of the mall for more than two hours. As the crowd grew impatient, rescue teams were desperately trying to get her down safely.

The woman refused to talk to rescue workers. To make matters worse, there was no place to put an emergency air mattress because the sidewalk was lined with merchandise.

Firefighters eventually were able to cut a hole in a billboard to get the woman down safely.

Firefighters then pulled her inside and she was taken to a hospital for observation.