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Judge tells prisoner he will go to heaven after execution if he is as innocent as he claims

By Mason White 6:06 PM May 15, 2016
Reza Hosseini 

By: Wayne Morin
A man and his family were devastated when he was found guilty of a crime, which he claims that he did not commit.

34-year-old Reza Hosseini of Iran, is one of the four people who were arrested on drug related charges, and all were later sentenced to death.

During the short trial, Hosseini pleaded not guilty to the charges before being convicted and sentenced to death.

Hosseini maintained his innocence and pleaded with the judge to reconsider.

However, Judge Tayerani, who presided over the case, responded by saying: “if that was the case, you would go to heaven after the execution,” according to the Iran Human Rights organization (IHR).

Hosseini was killed by being hanged at the Karaj’s Ghezel Hesar Prison. His wife Azadeh Geravand, said that she was denied visits to him for 11 months while he was incarcerated before the trial.

Azadeh claims that officers discovered drugs in the home of a neighbor. She believes that the only reason why her husband was arrested was because he got into a physical altercation with officers in the parking lot of their home in Kuhdasht.