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Woman takes boyfriend to hospital after getting his manhood stuck in wrench

By Mason White 3:09 AM May 16, 2016
Wrench (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman took her boyfriend to a hospital after he got his manhood stuck in a wrench, causing severe pain and swelling, according to doctors in Australia.

The Tweed Heads Fire Department said that firefighters were called to the hospital after the man, who was not identified, deliberate inserted his manhood in the wrench to achieve sexual satisfaction on Monday.

When the men tried to pull out, he realized that his manhood was swollen. He suffered severe pain and was unable to remove the wrench despite using oil to loosen the grip.

The man’s girlfriend persuaded him to go to the hospital for treatment. Doctors at the hospital had to call the fire department for assistance to help them with the delicate procedure.

Firefighters used a small angle grinder to cut the wrench. The firefighters used tape to protect the skin and slowly cut open the wrench.

Water was used to keep the angle grinder cool.