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Woman pays $10 hour for animal lover to take her tortoise for a walk

By Mason White 10:56 AM May 16, 2016
Henry the tortoise 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) An animal lover landed the great job of walking a tortoise in a baby carriage to a park.

400 people applied for the $10 per hour job of walking Henry the tortoise.

The animal’s owner, Amanda Green, who lives in Manhattan, New York, had the 17-pound African tortoise for two years. Henry is a social media star with thousands of followers on Instagram, where he is known as The Notortoise BIG.

Green said that she felt guilty that she did not have time to take the reptile to the park now that the weather is nice, so she posted an ad to Craigslist, looking for someone to do it for her.

Green said that she expected to get some responses, but she was overwhelmed when she received 400 emails included some from Australia.

Green interviewed some people and she eventually chose Amalia McCallister, who works part time at a pet store.

McCallister’s job includes placing the tortoise in a baby stroller and taking it to Central Park, where it can roam free. Green pays $10 an hour, for 6 hours each weekend.