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Payless removes light up shoes from shelves after pair burst into flames inside car

By Mason White 2:36 AM May 17, 2016
Light up shoes 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Payless ShoeSource has announced that it is no longer selling light up shoes after firefighters were called to the scene of a car fire that was caused by a pair that belonged to a young boy.

The Harris County Fire Department in Texas, is investigating whether the pair of light-up shoes was the fault of the car fire.

Atila and Jovan Virag told investigators that they bought the Jake and the Neverland shoes for the 2-year-old son. The child took of his shoes on Friday, and left them in the car.

When the couple went to the car on Saturday morning, they found the back seat was burned and smoking. Jovan saw one shoe on the floor with wires protruding.

Jovan believes that the lithium-ion batteries inside the shoes may have been the culprit. As a result of the fire, Payless has pulled the shoes off the shelves until the investigation is completed.