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Stella of Orange is the New Black kicked out of restaurant after throwing French fries at employees

By Mason White 5:43 PM May 16, 2016
Ruby Rose 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A popular actress of Australia, was kicked out of a restaurant in Louisiana, after being accused of throwing French fries at employees.

Ruby Rose, who played Stella in Orange is the New Black, was kicked out of the Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen on Friday.

Rose also works as an Australian model, actor and DJ. Seung Hong, who is the owner of the restaurant in New Orleans, said that Rose was having a tantrum like a little child.

As Rose was throwing the French fries around, she cursed the employees of the restaurant. Rose was in New Orleans this week, to perform at the Metropolitan Nightclub.

Rose went crazy after it took too long for waiters to bring the food that she ordered. After getting violent, she was told to leave the restaurant.

My assistant, tour manager and myself arrived at an establishment last night for dinner before my show in New Orleans.

“We waited 60 minutes for fries and over 90 minutes for food that never actually arrived. When I asked about the food, the bartender offered us drinks. I explained I’m sober, but thank you.

“He then made some really rude and vulgar comments to us at the table. When someone makes repeated derogatory jokes about the sobriety I worked so hard to achieve, it’s hard not to react emotionally. So I threw a singular fry at him.

“Then he came back as we were getting ready to leave and continued making awful comments, so I continued with the fries,” Rose wrote on Facebook.