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Stepfather blows inheritance of his dead wife’s children by buying motorcycle and jet ski for his new girlfriend

By Mason White 4:12 AM May 18, 2016
Man on jet ski (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
The children of a woman who died of cancer, want to force their stepfather to sell his home in order to repay them the money he stole from them, according to court documents in New Zealand.

When Anne Roberts died, her children, 16-year-old James Roberts-Gooch and 14-year-old Alexandra Gooch, were told to move out of their home and go live with their father.

Anne’s husband, Gary Bryson Watt, made it clear to them that they want see a dollar from their mother’s fortune.

Watt became the administrator of Anne’s estate, which included life insurance and cash savings, but instead of giving the children some money, he went on a cruise, where he met his new girlfriend, Heather Duffy.

He bought her a motorcycle, a jet ski and a car. Since Anne left no will, the children are entitled to two-thirds of her estate.

Four years after Anne’s death, the children have not seen a dollar despite a court order directing Watt to give them $300,000.

James Roberts-Gooch has asked a court to force Watt to sell his mother’s house, which is worth $600,000 so he and his sister can get some of their mother’s estate.

Watt admitted to buying the luxury items and going on a cruise, but said that he blew his wife’s estate on bad investments.