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Female police chief suspended after arguing with colleague over who has nicer breasts

By Mason White 3:35 PM May 17, 2016
Rebekah Sutcliffe (left) and Sarah Jackson 

By: Chan Yuan
A police chief was suspended from the force after she allegedly argued with her colleague over who has nicer breasts during a conference, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Manchester police has suspended Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe, 46, after being accused of talking about her awesome breasts to Superintendent Sarah Jackson.

Officials said that although the chief was suspended, she is not facing any charges. The incident unfolded at the Senior Women In Policing conference, according to witnesses.

The two began to argue in loud voices and as a result, a crowd gathered to listen. Sutcliffe then positioned her chest to compare her breasts to Jackson.

The chief and the superintendent then accused each other of having fake breasts. Later in the evening, Jackson posted a photo of herself on Twitter.