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Human flesh eater who bit off man’s ear tells police it was yummy and chewy

By Mason White 3:32 PM May 17, 2016

By: Wayne Morin
A human flesh eater was arrested on a charge of assault after biting off a man’s ear and eating it during a fight, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 24-year-old Garth Anderton of Manchester, has been sentenced to serve six years in prison after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and three counts of assault in connection with the assault against Euan Turner.

According to the police investigation, Anderton had an obsession with cannibalism, vampires and serial killers. After biting off the ear of his victim, he put it in his pocket in order to eat it at home.

Turner was attacked as he walked home from a party with his brother and girlfriends.

Anderton claimed that Turner laughed at him before knocking him down, pounding his head and biting off the lower part of the ear.

When the police arrived, Anderton told them that he is a cannibal. Anderton told a psychiatrist that he is fascinated with serial killers and vampires, and he drank his own blood in the past.

He also revealed that the ear was chewy and yummy.