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Man pulls two bags of marijuana from his underpants in courtroom

By Mason White 5:51 PM May 17, 2016
The drugs in court 

By: Chan Yuan
A judge ordered a man to spend a day in prison after pulling out drugs from his underpants.

The man of Ohio, took out the two bags of marijuana from his underwear after the judge demanded to know who had drugs in their possession.

Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Bernie Bouchard stopped the court proceedings on Wednesday, after an overwhelming smell of marijuana allegedly took over the room.

Bouchard gave everyone in the courtroom the opportunity to come clean and claim responsibility for marijuana or he will order deputies to bring drug sniffing dogs to the courtroom.

Defendant Dario Dabney raised his hand and admitted to smoking marijuana before entering the court. However, the judge told him that it did not smell of burned drugs.

Dabney, who was in court for a probation violation, pulled out a bag of marijuana from his underpants. The judge asked the defendant if he had any more drugs on him.

“If there’s anything else, this is your opportunity. We’re going to destroy it. Better than you getting charged with a felony for bringing drugs into the jail,” the judge said.

That is when the defendant pulled another bag of marijuana out of his pants. He was taken to jail, where he was held for one day before he was able to post $1,000 bail.