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Woman accepts her dream job of being a Walmart greeter after winning the lottery

By Mason White 11:42 AM May 17, 2016
Walmart greeter (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman in South Carolina, happily announced that she will be starting her new job of being a Walmart greeter after winning the lottery.

The woman of Piedmont, scratched off a lottery ticket before realizing that she won $250,000.

The woman plans to retire within a year, and do what she has
always wanted, to be a greeter at Walmart. She revealed that all her life she wanted to work at Walmart, but she did not have enough money.

Now, she will work as a greeter since she has enough money to last her a lifetime. The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, bought the winning ticket at the Stop-A-Minit #16 in Simpsonville.

She went home, where she scratched off the Money Money Money lottery ticket. The woman spent $10 on the ticket. The odds of winning $250,000 are 1 in 696,000.

Stop-A-Minit #16 in Simpsonville, received a commission of $2,500 for selling the winning ticket.