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Gang of 10 boys sexually assault two girls dancing together at street parade

By Mason White 4:12 AM May 19, 2016
Carnival of Cultures in Berlin 

By: Chan Yuan
Several boys were arrested on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly sexually assaulting two girls who were dancing during a street parade, according to police in Germany.

Berlin police said that the two girls were sexually assaulted by a group of ten boys during the Carnival of Cultures, which is a celebration of diversity in the country.

The girls were dancing on a stage on Sunday afternoon, when they were surrounded by the group of boy who harassed and touched them.

The girls tried to escape, but they were surrounded. They were unable to call for help as their phones were stolen. A participant of the parade who noticed the assault, pulled out his phone and recorded the boys.

The video was handed over to the police who have so far arrested three boys, aged between 14 and 17. Police urged anyone with information to come forward.