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Four firefighters call to report non existent emergencies to drive around in their fire truck

By Mason White 2:06 PM May 18, 2016
Fire truck (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Four volunteer firefighters were arrested on a charge of filing a false report after allegedly making prank calls so that they can get to drive around town with their fire truck, according to police in Pennsylvania.

The Logan Township police said that they have arrested Dustin Beckwith, Aric Beckwith, Daniel Johnson, and Edward Perino, after being accused of calling 911 to report non existent fires at least five times.

All suspects were charged with filing a false report. They were all suspended for six months.

According to the police investigation, all four firefighters were new members of the Logan Township United Fire Department’s Kittanning Trail Station.

In the first incident, Dustin used a cellphone belonging to Johnson to call 911 and report a fire on the Veterans Memorial Highway and Boxcar Lane.

In the second incident, Dustin against used Johnson’s cellphone to call 911 and report a fire shooting out from a chimney fireplace on Poland Avenue.

In another incident, Dustin called to report that cars veered of the road. In another incident, Dustin used Johnson’s phone to report a mud slide.

In the final incident, the four men persuaded Aric to call 911 to report a bank was on fire. Nearly 60 first responders rushed to the scene.

Police believe that they called in the false emergencies in order to drive around in their fire truck.