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Pizza Hut selling pizza pies injected with beer

By Mason White 4:33 AM May 20, 2016
Pizza pie (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom, announced that it will start selling pizza pies injected with beer so that customers can enjoy their two favorite foods at the same time.

The company said that the beer-infused pizza will be tested in a store in London.

Customers who dine at the restaurant on Friday and mention the secret phrase “I like it hop,” will get to enjoy the new beer pizza.

Kathryn Austin, the director of marketing at Pizza Hut, said that the idea was inspired by the growing popularity of craft beer.

It took the Pizza Hut team many hours to perfect the recipes and flavor combinations, but all their hard work certainly paid off, the company said.

The company is delighted with the results, and they cannot wait for the customers to try them. The new beer pizza pies will be sold across the country if diners in London like them.

There are no plans to make the product available in the United States.