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Grandfather arrested after slapping his grandchildren in their faces at McDonald’s

By Mason White 11:38 AM May 19, 2016
James Chapman 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A grandfather was arrested on a charge of domestic violence after allegedly slapping his grandchildren in the face at a restaurant, according to police in Alabama.

The Scottsboro Police Department said that they have arrested 73-year-old James Chapman, after a customer of McDonald’s saw him slapping his two grandchildren in the face.

Chapman was charged with one count of domestic violence.

The inappropriate discipline did not amount to child abuse, police said.

The grandfather’s lawyer slammed the police’s decision to charge his client, saying if people were allowed to discipline their children there wouldn’t be so many problems.

According to the police investigation, Chapman and his two grandchildren were at McDonald’s when the domestic violence incident unfolded.

Police became involved after Brian Harper confronted Chapman about how he was disciplining the children. Harper said that he could not bear to see the discipline so he called the police.

Witnesses at the scene saw Chapman grabbing the children’s arm before slapping them in their faces. Police saw video of the attack, and deemed the discipline more than appropriate.

Chapman has no criminal history.