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Mother dies when repo man cuts her off the road while trying to seize her car

By Mason White 4:20 PM May 19, 2016
Brennen and Ashleigh Best and Kenneth Drew 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother died while fleeing from a repo man so he cannot take her car.

Now, the repo man was arrested on accusation that he caused her death by running her off the road.

The married mother of three children moved with her family from Florida to Utah, to live with her parents as they were down on their luck financially.

Ashleigh Best, 35, and her husband, were late in paying for their Lincoln Navigator, so the bank ordered it to be repossessed.

Kenneth Drew, 49, an employee of On Demand Repos, was ordered to repossess the vehicle.

When he arrived at Best’s residence in Pleasant Grove, Brennen Best told Drew that he will not allow him to take the car, which was their only mode of transportation.

Brennen Best promised to call the bank to make a payment, while Drew was waiting for him to do so, his wife Ashleigh Best got into the car and drove off.

Drew followed her. The two got into a chase and allegedly drove 70 miles per hour on a road that has a 35 mile per hour speed limit.

At one point, Drew stopped his tow truck on the road. Ashleigh Best sped around him and drove onto the sidewalk before she slammed into a tree shortly after midnight.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. Kenneth Drew was booked into the Utah County Jail on charges of manslaughter.

Brian Edwards, owner of the repo company, said that his driver is a good guy. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” he said.