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49-year-old teacher caught having sex with 17-year-old student in a cemetery in broad daylight

By Mason White 3:57 PM May 19, 2016
Kelly Aldinger 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested after being caught having sex with a student in broad daylight.

49-year-old Kelly Aldinger of Pennsylvania, did not want to pay for a hotel room, where they could have had privacy.

Instead, the married teacher, who has children of her own, took the 17-year-old student to a cemetery, where she probably figured that the dead won’t tell anyone about their affair.

However, a police officer who patrolled the area, found Aldinger of Leigh Valley, having sex with the boy at the cemetery at 1:00 p.m.

Aldinger, who was employed by Source 4 Teachers as a substitute teacher at the Easton High School, is also a leader at her church.

Aldinger was charged with institutional sex assault as she has apparently been in a relationship with the teenager for months. She was not charged with rape because the legal age for consent is 16 years old.

She was released after posting $50,000 bail.

Source 4 Teachers spokesman Owen Murphy said that Aldinger was suspended indefinitely from teaching.