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Man pleasures himself and urinates in Walmart aisle while his girlfriend slept in truck outside

By Mason White 1:43 PM May 20, 2016
Ronald Mestas 

By: Chan Yuan
A truck driver was arrested for pleasuring himself inside Walmart.

Ronald Mestas, 41, from New Mexico, was charged with lewdness after he allegedly exposed himself at Walmart in New Jersey.

Officers responded to the store about 12:15 p.m., on a report of a man exposing himself to a woman.

The woman gave officers a description of Mestas, and security guards helped officers locate him through surveillance video.

Mestas allegedly took clothes from racks and held it draped over his private parts while he was walking around the store and pleasuring himself.

He allegedly moved the clothes and exposed himself to women. Police said that when officers announced themselves to the suspect, he began running while pleasuring himself.

The officers wrestled him to the ground, where he urinated on himself and on the floor.

Officers checked Mestas’ truck and found his girlfriend sleeping inside. Mestas was arrested for lewdness, and was released from jail after posting $1,000 bail.