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Medical student goes into women’s bathrooms to take pictures of women and collects 20,000 compromising photos

By Mason White 3:21 PM May 20, 2016
Public toilet (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A medical student was arrested on a charge of trespassing after allegedly going into a women’s bathroom to take compromising photos of women, according to police in Japan.

Hyogo police said that they have arrested 23-year-old Yuma Horibe, a student at the Nara Medical University, after being accused of going into the women’s bathroom at a restaurant and taking photos of women.

He was charged with one count of trespassing. This was not the first time that Horibe was caught taking compromising photos of women.

Last month, Horibe was caught taking photos under the skirt of a woman at a train station in Amagasaki. Police raided his home, where they found 3,900 videos and 16,500 images of women in compromising positions.

Earlier this month, Horibe was caught trespassing into a women’s toilet at a train station in Osaka.