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46-year-old woman exposes breasts to police officer before groping him and asking for sex

By Mason White 2:50 AM May 23, 2016
Tonya Goldsberry 

By: Chan Yuan
A middle-aged woman was arrested on a charge of loitering for prostitution after allegedly approaching a police officer and asking him to have sex with her in exchange for money, according to police in Arkansas.

Little Rock police said that they have arrested 46-year-old Tonya Goldsberry, after being accused of exposing her breasts to the police officer before groping him and telling him to get naked.

Goldsberry has been charged with loitering for prostitution, public sexual indecency, indecent exposure and possessing instruments of a crime.

According to the police investigation, Goldsberry approached an undercover officer on 12th West and South Woodrow streets around 1:00 a.m. on Thursday.

The woman exposed her breasts and then groped the male police officer. The police officer identified himself as a police officer after the woman told him to get naked.

After realizing that she just solicited sex from a police officer, Goldsberry threw away a glass pipe that she had in her possession.