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7-year-old boy arrested for gun possession after bringing loaded gun to school

By Mason White 11:51 AM May 22, 2016
Gun (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A young boy was arrested after showing off his loaded gun to a friend at school.

Police in Tennessee, said that the 7-year-old boy brought a loaded gun in his backpack to school.

The Westside Elementary School in Springfield, was placed under lock down on Thursday morning, due to the incident.

Police said that the boy showed the loaded 9 millimeter handgun to another student, who then told a teacher about it.

The teacher then contact the principal, who called the police. Springfield Police Chief David Thompson said that at first, they thought it was a toy gun, but they soon realized that it was real and loaded.

Police confiscated the weapon for evidence. Detectives are trying to figure out how the boy got possession of the gun and who it belonged to.

Once they have the information, they will determine if anyone else will be charged in connection with the incident.

Thompson said that the child was not threatening anyone, but has been charged with unlawful gun possession.