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Mother who strips naked and urinates in public blames acts on brain tumor

By Mason White 4:08 AM May 23, 2016
Leanne Lyon 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman of the United Kingdom, said that a brain tumor is causing her to suffer seizures and she needs $150,000 for surgery.

42-year-old Leanne Lyon of Duston, was born with a small non-cancerous tumor in her brain.

As she grew older, the tumor caused her to have seizures with strange and embarrassing side effects. Her seizures can last for up to 30 minutes, and can happen up to five times a day.

Lyon often strips off her clothes in public or urinates, leaving her soaking wet. As a precaution, Lyon started wearing pads.

Lyons lives with a caregiver to help her and her two children since she is unable to keep a job. Lyon began having seizures at four years old, and she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

At 17 years old, Lyon had a risky brain surgery, but it only made her condition worse. Lyon is now raising funds for surgery in the United States.

She needs $150,000 for the surgery.