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Naked man feeding himself to lions survives after the animals were killed

By Mason White 3:50 PM May 22, 2016
Lions (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A man wanted to commit suicide by feeding himself to lions.

However, his plans backfired as he survived and the animals were shot dead.

20-year-old Franco Luis Ferrada Roman removed his clothes and jumped into a lion’s cage in a Chili.

People at the Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago, watched in horror as the lions attacked the naked man. Staff members reacted quickly and shot two of the lions that were attacking the man.

The man survived the incident, but the lions were killed.
Authorities in Santiago, confirmed that the two African lions were put down after it severely injured the man.
Roman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and is said to be in serious condition. A suicide note was allegedly found in his pocket.

Alejandra Montalva, the director of the zoo, said that Roman entered the zoo as a visitor and paid for his ticket. However, he later went into a place that was restricted to visitors and he went onto the roof of the lions enclosure.

Montalva said that she and other zoo workers are “deeply affected” by the deaths of the two lions, a male and a female.

Graphic photos of the incident were posted to the Internet.